Briefing Notes

Title: Triple-A Survey on Building Sector: The Case of Greece

Date: February 2021

Description: The 2nd Triple-A Briefing Note analyses the results of the Triple-A stakeholder consultation in Greece. The consultation took place during the period from June to July 2020 and was a structured participatory approach that utilised a questionnaire dedicated for this purpose. In particular, the Questionnaire developed as part of the Triple-A stakeholder consultation process was on the Building Sector and in cooperation with the Association of Greek Valuers (A.VA.G.) received seventy-seven (77) responses by key stakeholders (i.e., bankers, investors, and real estate professionals).


Title: Triple-A Survey on Investors Preferences on Energy Efficiency Investments

Date: March 2021

Description: The 3rd Triple-A Briefing Note presents and analyses the results that emerged from the Triple-A stakeholder consultation on the investors’ preferences on Energy Efficiency investments. The consultation took place from February to March 2021 and was a structured participatory approach that utilised a questionnaire dedicated to this purpose. Sixty-eight (68) responses were provided by bankers, investors and EE experts across the eight Triple-A case study countries, namely Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Spain and the Netherlands.


Title: Integration of two Standardised Approaches for Transparency Improving of Energy Efficiency Investments and Confidence between Owner and Investor in Building Sector

Date: April 2021

Description: The 4th Triple-A Briefing Note focuses on the potential of integrating two standardised approaches Triple-A and the Investor Confidence Project (ICP), so that the implementation of an already identified Triple-A project will bring maximum benefits, taking advantage of the strengths of both standardised approaches. This could provide additional clarity and transparency on how to invest in Energy Efficiency projects and provide additional confidence for potential investors. Indicative Energy Efficiency projects are presented summarizing lessons learnt from the investment implementation.


Title: Seven Horizon2020 Projects Advice EU Leaders how to prepare Buildings for the Energy Transition

Date: December 2020

Description: Seven Horizon 2020 projects worked together for the preparation of an inclusive briefing on how to prepare buildings for the energy transition. Recommendations to policymakers and all interested stakeholders are presented, based on 7 Horizon 2020 projects’ findings and objectives, investigating ways to enable the mass adoption of energy efficiency measures and smart technologies supporting the uptake of more renewable energy sources. The contributing projects are SENSEI, Triple-A, NOVICE, QUEST, U-CERT, AmBIENCe and LAUNCH.