Title: Financing Energy Efficiency Projects

Date: 21 April 2021

Time: 10:00-12:00 CET

IEECP join forces with the ABN AMRO Bank N.V. in The Netherlands to work on two interconnected projects funded by European H2020 : ICCEE, seeking to identify and implement significant energy efficiency performance benefits in the food and beverage cold supply-chain sector, and the Triple-A project to enhance, at an early stage, the Investment value chain of energy efficiency projects, assist financial institutions to increase their deployment of capital in energy efficiency and make investments more transparent.

The Dutch Capacity Building Webinar was held on the 21th April 2021, attended by 27 stakeholders from the financing sector. During the webinar IEECP and ABN AMRO went deeper into the inner workings of the Triple-A project and the underlying criteria used.

Webinar Programme:

09:55-10:00 Walk-in & Technology check

10:00-10:15 General introduction ICCEE, Triple-A & IEECP 

10:15-10:30 Introduction to Triple-A

10:30-11:00 The EU Taxonomy

11:00-11:20 Risk and Mitigation Strategies

11:20-11:40 Financial models for Energy Efficiency projects

11:40-12:00 Discussion & Wrap-up

Hosts / Guest-Speakers:

  1. Erik Faassen (IEECP / Triple-A project) - Host
  2. Reinout van den Berg (Energie-Nederland) – Guest Speaker


Webinar Highlight

  • According to webinar participants, the Triple-A Tools could serve as a nice repository if the project database is extensive and remains public, however attention should be paid on privacy issues and validity of the information.
  • The participants would like to attend a more “hands-on” session going through and working with the Triple-A Tools and applying them to their own cases.
  • The overview presentation of the EU Taxonomy and Risks and Risk Mitigation Strategies was interesting and informative to the participants, although some of them were already informed about the topic.
  • Almost all the participants expressed their interest in joining in the forthcoming Regional Training Workshops planned for later in the year.
  • Although most of the participants were familiar with most of the Financial Models, it was very relevant for them to receive the “helicopter” perspective.
  • The webinar participants showed interest in receiving a copy of the public Triple-A deliverables after the webinar as not all the Financial Models included in the presentation were presented but rather a selection was made based on a digital poll held during the webinar.


The IEECP and ABN AMRO Bank N.V.collaboration allows both organizations to tap into the best of both worlds; with IEECP providing focused expertise to the dissemination of knowledge from a European Energy and Climate Policy perspective and ABN AMRO being one of the lead financial institutes and a huge player in The Netherlands providing tremendous knowledge, insight, and the practical leverage needed to create actual impact in the market, uncovering new sound investments, from both a Dutch and European perspective, in energy efficiency financing.

20 Energy Efficiency projects in The Netherlands are identified and tested if they are “Triple-A” investments, withstanding the stress tests of the standardised Triple-A performance benchmarking tools, and identifying them as Triple-A approved projects that both foster sustainable growth, and have a strong capacity to meet their commitments at a much earlier stage than usual. ABN AMRO supports Triple-A assisting in the evaluation of energy efficiency proposed investments.