Title: 1st SMAFIN Working Group Meeting

Date:  19 March 2021

The SMAFIN project has set up a Working Group in each participating country, from the initial stage of the project, which consists mainly of representatives of national and local authorities, financial, business, construction, academia, etc. The SMAFIN Working Groups will meet at least six times over the next three years. Each year, the first meeting of the Working Group will precede the national roundtable discussion to set the framework and prepare its work.

The SMAFIN Working Groups, in cooperation with the participants in the national roundtable discussions, will formulate their proposals on the national priorities and opportunities of each country, and will work together to provide recommendations for the more effective implementation or improvement of the national policies concerning the energy savings in buildings, aiming at greater leverage of public and private capital.

Triple-A coordinator, Dr. Chara Karakosta (NTUA) was invited to participate in 1st SMAFIN Working Group Meeting in Greece that was organised on the 19th March 2021. Chara Karakosta presented Triple-A scope and objectives, methodological approach, Standardised Triple-A tools developed and expected outputs.