2nd Covenant of Mayors - C-Track 50 webinar

2nd Covenant of Mayors - C-Track 50 webinar

Triple-A participated in the 2nd Covenant of Mayors - C-Track 50 webinar which was held on the 9th of June 2020, at 10:00 to 11:30 CET.

The webinar was entitled "Citizen Finance: people investing in their cities' sustainable future" and shed light on the ways in which municipalities can gather the required financial resources to achieve their Energy Transition targets to tackle climate change.

In particular, funding local climate action plans via citizen funding, namely crowdfunding and energy cooperatives, was demonstrated and dialogue took place. In addition, cases of successful implementation of citizen funding were presented.

More information are available in C-Track 50 website.

The webinar's agenda can be found below:


  1. Funding Climate Action Initiatives through Citizen Financing Instruments by Somesh Sharma and Catherine Foley, HIS
  2. Energy cooperatives: a different way of doing business in the energy sector by Daan Creupelandt, REScoop
  3. Raising Capital and Acceptance: Local Governments join hands through Energy Cooperative – The case of Neustadt an der Waldnaab County (DE) by Arthur Hinsch, ICLEI
  4. Crowdfunding of solar roofs in the city of Krizevci (HR) by Petra Orehovački, REA North & Lucija Topic, city of Krizevci