Triple-A partners from NTUA participated at the 31st European Conference on Operational Research (EURO 2021) on the 14 July 2021.

EURO 2021 is the largest and most important conference for Operational Research and Management Science (OR/MS) in Europe organized by EURO – the European Association of Operational Research Society and the Hellenic Operational Research Society (HELORS).

Four Triple-A paper were presented at EURO 2021 during the session Financing Clean Energy, Stream: OR in Climate Policy and Planning:

  • Promoting Energy Efficiency Investments in Building Sector: A Stakeholder Consultation Approach, by Papapostolou A., Karakosta C., Koutsandreas D., Mexis P. D.,
  • Assessing the necessity for investments in energy efficiency through the Sustainable Development Goals, by Mexis P. D., Papapostolou A., Karakosta C., and Doukas H.
  • Fostering energy efficiency investments through risk assessment, by Koutsandreas D., Kleanthis N., Karakosta C., Doukas H., Flamos A.
  •  A multi-methods framework for profitability assessment of energy efficiency investments under uncertainty, by Kleanthis N., Koutsandreas D., Karakosta C., Doukas H., Flamos A.

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