Title: Start Up Now Forum, Panel Discussion "ESG & New Technologies @ Green Financing"

Date:  Tue, 5 October 2021

Time:  20:20 – 21:00 EEST

Triple-A collaborator, Filippos Dimitrios Mexis was participated as a speaker in the Panel Discussion "ESG & New Technologies @ Green Financing" of the Start Up Now Forum on Tue, 5 October 2021 @ 20:20 – 21:00 EEST elaborating on state-of-the-art Tools in Green Financing and the contribution of the Triple-A project in mainstreaming investments in energy efficiency. The Start Up Now Forum is the first entrepreneurship event in Greece that brought together the main factors of the innovation ecosystem and provide the best conditions for quality networking & successful deals by hosting well-matched one-on-one meetings.

Check out the rest of the Agenda here.