Title: Step-by step Training in the Triple-A Tools for Energy Efficiency Projects.

Date and time: 17/12/2021, 12:00-14:00 CET

The Triple-A Training Workshop in Germany was organized online on the 17th of December at 12:00-14:00 CET

The Triple-A tool is based on extensive research on the risks, barriers, economic and regulatory framework specific to the development and financing of energy efficiency projects. The tool allows for the matching of specific project proposals with individual financing offers through green bonds and other financial instruments. A practical testing of the Standardized Triple-A Tools and Database was also implemented during the event, in order to validate their use and results and discuss their aspects with relevant stakeholders through a live interactive session. The Triple-A Tools and Database may provide added value to the respective stakeholders, building trust between energy efficiency investors and projects developers.

Participants learnt about risk assessment and mitigation methods specific to energy efficiency projects. Furthermore, the online tool and related database of available projects were presented and participants had the chance to try and test the tool in real time under the supervision of the project team. In the end, the national context of energy efficiency projects was discussed, including financing opportunities.

The training consisted of three sections and the total duration was 2 hours.


  • Opening, sound check (30 min before start)
  • Session 1 (35 min)
    • Triple-A approach recap (15 min)
    • EE project risks and mitigation strategies (15 min)
    • Break (5 min)
  • Session 2 (50 min)
    • Interactive Triple-A online tool training for assessing EE project feasibility (45 min)
    • Break (5 min)
  • Session 3 (30 min)
    • National context of EE projects
    • Financing opportunities
    • Discussion