Title: Training workshop on Energy Efficiency Financing Assessment Tools

Date and time: 27 January 2022, 15: 00-17: 00

The online Training workshop on Energy Efficiency Financing Assessment Tools presenting Triple-A financing method was held by Lithuanian Public Investment Development Agency (VIPA) on 27 January 2022.

The objective of the workshop – to present to the audience the Energy Efficiency Financing Assessment Tool which was elaborated during the project “Enhancing at an Early Stage the Investment Value Chain of Energy Efficiency Projects” in which VIPA is participating as a project partner.

The workshop was intended towards financial institutions and other entities related to the implementation of energy efficiency projects. The following topics were covered during the training workshop: introduction of a Triple-A assessment tools, key recommendations to assessment process on what energy efficiency investments are realistic and feasible in the country context, means of financing the projects in practice in the short or medium term, financing methods and approaches, evaluation and verification of the results.

The speaker Mr. Justinas Bučys, Director, Business Development of VIPA delivered the presentation on the Triple-A assessment tool which then was followed by the Q&A session. The duration of the workshop - 2 hour.